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We are an e-Commerce marketplace working as an outlet for fashion designers & independent boutiques to showcase and rent out their garments.

Having worked in various consumer interaction companies, we are familiar with the needs in today's consumer marketplace. Expenses are high, the cost of college is rising, and this economy and job market is not yet stable. As such, extra income is very much appreciated, so easy-to-use and cost effective bundle platforms for small businesses are in high demand!

This is how the idea for SemiYours was developed. The SemiYours team reached out to fashion designers and boutiques to engage in discussions regarding how these individuals and stores could participate in a service that allows them to rent out some of their garments and inventory. During these conversations, it became apparent that there was a huge interest from both the individual designers and the boutiques. They became even willing to rent out their own closets! We felt like it was only fair to provide a platform where unknown fashion designers with outstanding garments, could gain some exposure without letting a limited budget get in the way.

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